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Become an Interconnected Enterprise

Why you need to become an interconnected enterprise, and how you get there from here.
This infopaper will give you a quick, graphical overview of how to become an interconnected enterprise, including outlining challenges, strategies and how Equinix makes it all work seamlessly. You’ll discover how to spot opportunities, expand interconnection points, provide fast and secure connections, and leverage ecosystem density in order to empower your users unlike ever before.


  • By expanding interconnection points you can enhance flexibility, security, choice, speed and scale.
  • Future interactions among people will be primarily digital and heavily influenced by mobile devices, social media, analytics and the cloud. Within this changing landscape, enterprises are being challenged to fundamentally rethink how they interconnect employees, partners and customers.
  • Leveraging ecosystem density enables you to make powerful connections, take advantage of customer choice and much more.
  • Equinix provides the direct interconnectivity enterprises require to react in real time.

The interconnected era changes the rules for business. Companies can no longer create value on their own. It takes many-to-many interconnection to fuel communities of value and support the interconnected enterprise.

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